Astronomers discover planet Venus, a star and star system in new paper

Astronomers have found a new planet in our solar system, one that orbits a star that’s known as Venus.They also found an ancient star system that may be more common in our galaxy than we think.Here’s what you need to know.Astronomers announced Thursday the discovery of a planet orbiting a star called Venus, called the…

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Astronomers have found a new planet in our solar system, one that orbits a star that’s known as Venus.

They also found an ancient star system that may be more common in our galaxy than we think.

Here’s what you need to know.

Astronomers announced Thursday the discovery of a planet orbiting a star called Venus, called the Venus 2 system, based on its orbit.

The star, known as P/2014 Q1, is just over 400 light-years from Earth, and the planet is about 6 million years old.

Venus 2 is thought to be similar in size to Jupiter and Saturn, with a mass of about 2.5 times that of Earth.

It has an atmosphere of water and methane.

It’s also likely rocky, scientists said, and its surface has a surface temperature of about 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit (0.1 degrees Celsius).

Venus 2 orbits the star once every 10 days, according to NASA, and astronomers say that Venus 2 has a diameter of about 150 light-year, or about the size of Jupiter.

The two systems share a number of characteristics.

Venus is a star about 1,400 times dimmer than the sun, and about 30 times dimer than Jupiter.

It is mostly hydrogen gas, a gas that has a high surface temperature.

Venus has a thick atmosphere, which is about 100 times thicker than Earth’s atmosphere.

The atmosphere is mostly water, which makes Venus very easy to live in and breathe in.

The planets are very close, though Venus 2’s atmosphere is not very thick.

Venus’ atmosphere is thought by some to be as thick as Earth’s.

The planet orbits a young star, called P/2016 Q3, which has a radius of 2,600 light-seconds, or roughly the distance between the sun and Earth.

P/P/2016Q3 is about 5.5 million years young, so it’s quite young.

Venus, which orbits the sun once every 100 days, is only about 50 million years older than Earth, so Venus 2 appears to be more like Earth than Venus.

Venus orbits a much older star, named P/2017 Q4, which was discovered in 2003.

It orbits a similar young star to Venus 2, known to astronomers as P2Q.

Venus 3 orbits a distant red dwarf, called VBJ 642-08, which also orbits a red dwarf.

The red dwarf is a gas giant, which means that it has a large, rocky core.

This rocky core makes Venus 2 and 3 look much more similar to Earth.

Venus and Venus 2 orbit each other at about 20 to 25 percent of the distance they are from the sun.

The stars are so close together that their gravitational field is so strong that the planets orbit each side of the stars’ faces.

This is called the “face-to-face” effect, and it allows the planets to remain in contact, but not touch each other.

Venus’s gravitational field can cause the planets’ orbits to be distorted.

It can also cause the planet’s orbit to be tilted in the opposite direction from the star’s.

That tilt causes the planet to appear farther from its star, but in fact, Venus and VBJs are quite close.

Because the planet and star are so far apart, the stars can appear to be two completely different worlds.

Venus in the southern sky is seen from the western United States, while Venus 2 in the eastern sky is visible from Mexico and Argentina.

The images were taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and were combined by a team of astronomers using the Keck Observatory in Hawaii.

The researchers are using Hubble to look for signals from Venus and the planets that have not been seen before.

Astronomer and astronomy professor James T. Tait at the University of Hawaii said in a statement that the discovery was a surprise, but said he was confident that the two planets are much closer to each other than previously thought.

“This new planet may be the first one to be found outside our own Solar System, and I would say that we’re seeing some new planets in our neighborhood,” he said.

“Venus and the other two planets of our solar neighborhood are a mystery to us and to most people, but Venus 2 may be a true star system.”

The new planet has not yet been officially named.

Venus can be found in the constellation Gemini.

Astronomical and astrophysics professor James M. O’Brien at Harvard University said that the finding was significant because it “has a strong signature of the planetary system, the planetary orbits, and a lot of interesting details.”

Astronomers will study the planet for the next two years to determine its orbital motion.

If the planet orbits Venus, it would likely be a fairly large star, about the mass of Jupiter, and would have about 2,500 times the mass as Venus itself.

The size of the star is unknown, but

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