Why astrology is confusing — and why you might want to learn more about it: The story of a science

title How astrology changed the way we see the world article The ancient Greeks used astrology as a guide to the future.In the modern world, we’ve been using it as a way to predict the future, even though astrology has always been a useful way of seeing the world.Here are seven of the most intriguing…

Published by admin inJuly 9, 2021

title How astrology changed the way we see the world article The ancient Greeks used astrology as a guide to the future.

In the modern world, we’ve been using it as a way to predict the future, even though astrology has always been a useful way of seeing the world.

Here are seven of the most intriguing astrological predictions in recent history.


The end of the world will be marked by a strong magnetic field, according to a popular theory.

In a 2006 article in Science magazine, a team of scientists from France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom proposed that an electromagnetic field will trigger a planetary shift, a phenomenon they called the magnetic-field reversal.

They reasoned that when the magnetic field is strong, an object will move in a particular direction, and if that direction is in a region of the planet that’s opposite the magnetic force, the object will lose its ability to move.

The result is a reversal of magnetic fields on the planet.

In an accompanying study published in the journal Nature, the researchers also noted that the magnetic reversal is associated with a period of extreme weather, which they said is due to a solar flare.

The magnetic field reversal is the same reason why, in the 1950s, many people believed that the end of time was imminent.

A few decades later, it seemed more plausible that the earth was about to fall apart.

The fact that the researchers proposed this reversal is important, because it shows that the Earth is very resilient to change.

In their study, the scientists said the end-of-the-world prediction was a prediction of the Sun, which has been the subject of a lot of recent research.


A global pandemic will be triggered by the death of an important scientific figure.

In 2009, an article in the New York Times reported that an epidemic was being triggered by a scientific figure who had died suddenly and was being buried at a cemetery in Japan.

The article said the sudden death was caused by the ingestion of some kind of an ingredient, including the fungus that causes botulism.

The toxin killed the scientist and left his family with no idea why he had died, nor did they know why his body had been removed.

A year later, a man named Hiroshi Miyamoto, a Japanese professor of molecular biology, was found dead in his home in Japan, where he had spent the past several years.

Miyamoto’s death was later ruled a suicide.

In 2015, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released a report showing that the Japanese government had tried to cover up the cause of Miyamoto-san’s death, in order to protect a scientist who had developed a drug that could prevent botulisms.


An earthquake will cause a mass migration of fish, according a prediction.

In 2011, a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) looked at a set of predictions made by the astrologers who had studied the movements of fish in the ancient world.

The researchers noted that a strong earthquake would cause the migrations of fish to occur.

That led to a flurry of discussion online, with the astrology community debating whether it was possible for such a thing to happen.

Some of the more colorful theories suggested that the tsunami would move hundreds of miles (kilometers) inland, with a tsunami reaching New Zealand in just three days.

Others suggested that such a move would result in the extinction of the great whales, who live on the western coast of Africa, as well as the great seals who live in the Arctic Ocean.


An asteroid will cause the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, according the astrolabe theory.

A number of theories about the origin of the universe have been suggested, and some of them have had a lot more merit than others.

One theory holds that the sun is responsible for creating the universe.

In 2014, astronomers reported that they had detected a star that had a strong gravitational pull, and that the star had the potential to be a supernova, which would create a supermassive black hole.

That black hole could then be swallowed by a nearby planet, which in turn could release a torrent of cosmic rays and dark matter that would lead to the death, resurrection and rebirth of Jesus.

Others have suggested that asteroids are the reason for the existence of the solar system, and suggest that the solar wind could be responsible for the birth of our planet.


An airplane will crash into a volcano, causing a catastrophic eruption, according astrology.

In 2006, a group of astronomers in Japan published a paper in Nature showing that a meteorite from Mars could cause an eruption in the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, which is located just outside the Hawaiian archipelago.

The paper suggested that if the meteorite were to hit the Kiltuna Volcano, which lies within the crater’s rim, it would cause a massive eruption that would cause an avalanche of ash that would