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the signs as friends

Aries: They are supportive and takes all steps necessary to help their friends reach their dreams. They make friends easily and show incredible loyalty. But, they can get angry over small things.
Taurus: When they say they are your best friend, they mean it and their friendships usually last a long time. They are full of funny and entertaining stories. They are very steady and genuine in friendships.
Gemini: They are good and sympathetic listeners. They have a good sense of humor and bond well with people with different mindsets as they value diversity. You should be able to connect with them in an intellectual level.
Cancer: They are very helpful and supportive and take interest in solving other people's problems. However, they are quite selective in choosing their friends, but they are quite loyal friends.
Leo: They try to have close friends than many, as they have a sensitive ego. They look out for you and are good listeners. They will go out even if they don't really want to.
Virgo: They are trustworthy friends and become an active helper in times of problems. They are very honest and try to give the best advice. They also sometimes need their own space in friendships.
Libra: They like to hang out and go to parties and events, but they do like their personal time. They try to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible and cares a lot about what their friends think about them.
Scorpio: They are loyal and passionate about the way they feel about others. They also like to help in any way possible, doesn't matter how hard it is. However, they do find it hard to make loyal friends.
Sagittarius: They are open-minded and are up for any adventure. They are highly considerate, cooperative and charming. They are also very emotionally connected, but never shows it openly.
Capricorn: They behave more like a parent than a friend, but their intention is always to help their friends. They value quality time and will do special things for you. However, once their trust is broken, it can't be fixed.
Aquarius: They express their love through actions and will try to help in any way possible. They should be able to connect in an intellectual level, for them to be good friends.
Pisces: They are sympathetic listeners and careful analyzers. They are true friends at the time of need and try to solve intricate problems. They also love spending time with their friends.

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